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Bingo calls for numbers 31-60 are found below. For a complete list of calls for all the numbers, see our other two pages of bingo calls. To play free and cash bingo games online, visit our online bingo directory.
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31Get Up and Run
32Buckle My Shoe
33Dirty Knees, All the Threes
34Ask for More
35Jump and Jive
36Three Dozen
37More than Eleven
38Christmas Cake
39Steps, All the Steps
40Naughty Forty, Two Score, Life Begins at, Blind 40
41Time for Fun, Life’s Begun
42Winnie the Pooh
43Down on Your Knees
44Droopy Drawers, All the Fours, Open Two Doors
45Halfway There, Halfway House
46Up to Tricks
47Four and Seven
48Four Dozen
49P.C. (Police Constable), Rise and Shine
50Half a Century, Bulls Eye, Blind 50
51Tweak of the Thumb, I Love My Mum
52Danny La Rue, Weeks in a Year
53Stuck in the Tree
54Clean the Floor
55Snakes Alive, All the Fives
56Was She Worth It?
57Heinz Varieties, All the Beans
58Make Them Wait
59Brighton Line
60Five Dozen, Three Score, Blind 60