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Traditional bingo calls and call names are listed below in Free Online Bingo's directory of bingo calls. The first bingo call listed next to each number is typically the most common name, but variations of call names for the majority of the numbers are also included in our listing of calls.

Traditionally, the caller starts a game of bingo with the call "Eyes Down". Calls for #1-30 are listed below - use the menu to your left to see the other two pages with a complete list of calls for numbers 31-60 & 61-90.
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1Kelly's Eye, Buttered Scone, At the Beginning, Little Jimmy
2One Little Duck, Doctor Who, Me and You, Little Boy Blue
3Cup of Tea, Debbie McGee, You and Me
4Knock at the Door, The One Next Door, On the Floor
5Man Alive, Jack's Alive
6Tom's Tricks, Tom Mix, Chopsticks
7Lucky Seven, God's in Heaven
8Garden Gate, Golden Gate, One Fat Lady
9Doctor's Orders
10Tony's Den, Cock and Hen, Uncle Ben
11Legs Eleven, Legs - They're Lovely
12One Dozen, Monkey's Cousin
13Unlucky for Some, Devil's Number, Bakers Dozen
14Valentines Day
15Young and Keen, Rugby Team
16Sweet Sixteen, She’s Lovely, Never Been Kissed
17Dancing Queen, Often Been Kissed
18Coming of Age, Now You Can Vote
19Goodbye Teens
20One Score, Getting Plenty, Blind 20
21Key of the Door, Royal Salute
22Two Little Ducks, All the Twos
23Thee and Me, The Lord's My Shepherd
24Two Dozen, Did You Score?
25Duck and Dive
26Pick and Mix, Bed and Breakfast, Half a Crown
27Gateway to Heaven
28Over Weight, In a State
29Rise and Shine, You’re Doing Fine, In Your Prime
30Dirty Gertie, Flirty Thirty, Blind 3